John Deere Z515E with 122 cm (48 in.) Deck

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Z515E with 122 cm (48 in.) DeckResidential ZTrak™ Mowers

  • 24 hp* V-Twin ELS engine
  • 122, 137, and 152 cm Accel Deep™ deck with optional MulchControl™
  • Folding Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS)
  • 46 cm Cut and Sewn Seat
  • Easy to read fuel gauge


The operator station is designed to provide superior operator comfort for many different operators:

  • Large foot platform
    • Ample legroom for comfortable operation
    • Optional rubber foot mat (not shown) available for extra foot comfort
    • Optional foot pegs (not shown) available to allow various positions for operator’s feet
  • Adjustable seat fore-aft position, armrests, and spring suspension to suit each operator
    • Control panel conveniently located to the right of the seat
  • Adjustable motion-control levers
    • Upper and lower positioning combined with forward and rearward tilt offers more legroom and hand positions
  • The comfortable seat has two suspension springs and no-tools, fore-aft seat adjustment that can be used by the operator while seated. The Z515E hasA medium-back, 45.7-cm (18-in.) seat with thick foam padding for good support and comfort

    • Armrests as standard equipment
    • 7.6-cm (3-in.) fore-aft adjustment to make each operator comfortable


  • The dual beverage holder on the left fender and storage compartment on the right fender add convenience for the operator:

    • Room for two drink containers of various sizes for longer mowing jobs
    • Storage compartment provides a safe and convenient location to store tools and supplies
  • The control console is located to the right of the operator station and includes the following:

    • Digital display
      • Easy-to-read fuel gauge keeps track of the amount of fuel remaining to minimize time spent stopping to refuel.
      • Hour meter shows operating hours to keep maintenance on schedule.
    • Ignition switch
    • Power take-off (PTO) control (yellow)
    • Engine speed control (orange)
    • Spring-loaded engine choke control so it is not inadvertently left on
    • Space for an optional light kit switch
    • Space for an additional electric control switch
  • The spacious operator station has been designed for comfort, visibility, and ease of use:

    • Getting on and off easy with the flat operator platform.
    • Convenient-to-use controls are located close to the operator.
    • Operator controls are color coded and designed for easy identification and operation.

    The ROPS and seat belt work in conjunction to provide a protective zone around the operator:

    • It reduces the operator’s risk of being crushed under the vehicle should it overturn.
    • In most situations, the ROPS limits the overturn to little more than 90 degrees.
    • When used with a seatbelt, the ROPS is very effective in preventing deaths and serious injuries.
      • Use of the seat belt is recommended when operating with ROPS in the upright position.